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Native American Music
 Timeless captivating music

    Performed by Eagle Warrior one of the leading masters of the Native American flute . . .
    In live performance and on his highly acclaimed album . . .


Native American Flutist

Nominated for three Native American Music Awards

  • Hear the haunting, traditional sound of Native American flute music as it has been handed down and played for centuries

  • Blended with the occasional beat of the drum and nature's own music

  • This album leads you on a timeless unforgettable musical experience you will return to often

Eagle Warrior is more than a musician; he is a true artist of timeless, captivating music

His music is a true representation of a tradition of music that has been passed along for thousands of years. 

His professionalism and extensive talent are proven by his performances at hundreds of events and the raves his album and performances consistently receive.

He has performed from coast to coast and is one of a select few artists to perform at the
Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.

The Native American Flute is among the most beautiful, evocative and haunting of all instruments.
It is the oldest non-percussion instrument in the Americas dating back thousands of years. 

The acclaimed CD “Spirit Tracker” is the current release by Eagle Warrior. 

As you listen you will feel your spirit move as your flight of imagination transports you
to another place at another time.

Eagle Warrior is also the creator and producer of "Spirit of American Indian Music and Dance," 
a dynamic production that includes Indian drummers, singers and dancers in full regalia.



  ". . . this is the way (the) courting flute is supposed to be played.
This combination of original compositions, borrowed melodies and
natural sounds are beautifully rendered. Put this CD on and forget
your troubles for a while. It's as therapeutic as it is good."
Whispering Wind Magazine (October, 2003)

“This CD will caress every part of your heart and soul, it will also lift your spirits.
Eagle Warrior's musicianship is truly that of a high professional caliber. His flute playing
is so spectacular with the clear-crisp beautiful sounds. It takes a strong professional musician
to play solo and to hold a listeners attention at the same time. Eagle Warrior definitely
has that ability with his flute expertise.”
Mary Rudy, Musik Reviewz.com, 2003

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Eagle Warrior is also the author of two acclaimed, and diverse  best selling books

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